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 Let's face it!  In the fast paced world we live in, we need to be sharp, focused and able to respond quickly to the sensory overload around us.  Whether to gain acting experience, improve your interpersonal and communication skills or just release your inner child, improvisation is a great way to learn new skills, improve communication, reaction and simply laugh at yourself.  Improv-Vegas! is dedicated to anyone interested in trying improv, to work on their improv skills, play with like minded people in a supportive and encouraging environment, work on skills as a comic or partake in a fun new hobby.  Improv-Vegas! is here to provide the classes and environment to get you on your feet in improvisation. 

Improv Vegas
is the Premiere Improvisation Training Center in Las Vegas, dedicated to teaching the art of improvisation and comedy.

Improv Vegas
also provides corporate training through improvisation classes, or onsite exercises at a business or conference.

Improv Vegas!
Making Las Vegas Brighter,
One Improviser At A Time!

Phone: (702) 427-0542

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